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We are a service company dedicated to our customers.


Austest Electrical Group is a private, family owned company. Michael Ward, the Managing Director, established the business in 1990. Initially, Michael Ward worked as a sole trader. As we have grown, so has our reputation for quality service.

In November 2003 Austest Electrical Group was incorporated. With a reputation of quality, reliability and thinking outside the square Michael began employing a team of people who were passionate, professional and focused on excellence. This has enabled and continues to enable the company to grow.

Austest Electrical Group operates in the Hunter Valley including Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens and Maitland & surrounding areas, offering a boutique electrical service to industrial, commercial and residential customers.

Our goal is to provide excellent services for our customers using sustainable electrical solutions.

Austest Electrical Group currently employees 11 team members comprising of 5 Electricians, operational and administrative support. We have 5 service vehicles fully equipped and we utilise technology and smart phones to help with our service delivery to customers.

We believe and support a flexible work force to enable lifestyle balance and support the goals of our team.

Initially Austest Electrical Group supported industry, fault finding and solving complex Automation and control

problems. With the growth in WHS the company moved into the area of testing, repair and service to industry. It then branched out to commercial and residential customers.

Our reputation for quality and service created organic growth Austest Electrical Group continues to grow and develop a strong team, including employees and sub contractors to produce customer-focused service. Austest Electrical Group will continue to look at areas of need to deliver the best solutions for our customer base.

Austest Electrical Group is broken up into three main areas of focus. Firstly, Electrical and Technical service for domestic, commercial and industrial customers. Services include installation of electrical, security, UPS and telecommunication devices and cabling. Secondly we focus on Automation and Control Systems. We specialise in electrical design, manufacture, commissioning and service of automated machinery, monitoring equipment and PLC controlled equipment.

Thirdly Austest supports safety and function testing and programmed maintenance. Examples of the testing, reporting and repair services include electrical appliance testing and tagging, Emergency exit lights, RCD’s, thermal imaging, portable welders, lighting, emergency stops and guarding.

Austest Electrical Group is a company focusing on best practice in meeting customer needs. Austest is committed to continued development in the fields of quality management and work, health and safety. Austest believes in cultivating a culture of continuous improvement to realise customers current expectations and future needs. Austest continues to implement quality systems to help achieve mutual objectives for our customers, our company and team.

Austest works primarily with a mobile fleet to service it’s customer base.

Austest Electrical Group are members of the National electrical and communications Association (NECA).

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